For the independent home Gardner’s, visit our beautiful Garden Center to view our independently selected trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials. We ensure that nothing but the best plant material reaches your home. Bring a picture of your landscape and let our qualified Garden Center staff turn your ideas into reality!

You think it we've got it!

Our fully stocked Garden Center has everything that you need, whether you are seeding, spreading topsoil, mulch or decorating your yard. We have a full line of Henry Studio fountains, statuary and garden ornaments.

Let us take the load off of your outdoor project. We provide a delivery service for topsoil, stone & mulch 6 days a week. We carry several stone options and only the finest grade of topsoil & mulch. Call us today to set up your delivery!

Hand-crafted polywood furniture

What is Polywood Furniture?

Polywood is an all weather, outdoor furniture made from recycled high-density polyethylene.

Benefits of Polywood

Maintenance Free
Corrosion free
Fade resistant
No need for cushions
Made from 95% recycled materials
Resistant to most chemical exposure
Greater impact than wood
Easy to clean, mild soap and rinse with water will do
pest free, bugs cannot infiltrate below the surface
No splintering, cracking or warping as one would find with wood
Negligible water absorption
Resistant to UV and harsh weather

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